Counselling for Cuckfield, Haywards Heath, Burgess Hill, Crawley, Horsham, Lewes, Brighton, East Grinstead, Hove and Sussex areas. I also offer remote sessions, regardless of your geographical location.

Anna Leythorne Dean MBACP (Accred)

I have been working in the field of counselling since 2011. I am qualified to work with couples and individuals and have many years of experience and clinical training to draw upon. I now run a successful private practice in Cuckfield, Sussex.

At certain points in our lives we may face challenges or feel stuck. Sometimes we know exactly what is wrong, but other times all we know is that something just doesn’t feel right.

As an experienced and qualified counsellor, I can help you gain insight and a new perspective. With support you can uncover the difficulties or patterns that are holding you back. By gaining a better understanding of yourself you can have more clarity to make better choices, focus on your goals and prioritise your wellbeing.

How I work

When you work with me my aim is for you to feel safe, so you can share your intimate thoughts and problems without judgement so you can understand yourself better. The more you are aware of yourself (your thoughts, feelings and behaviours), the more you are able to make changes in your life.

The areas I work in

People come to therapy with me for lots of different reasons and have found it very helpful in resolving a broad range of personal issues. A significant focus of my practice is working with couples and people managing issues that are specific to infertility, miscarriage and childlessness-not-by-choice or circumstance.

I also work with people who are feeling anxious, stressed, unhappy or are struggling to find their purpose in life. Maybe you feel life is not in your control or you have a difficult time liking yourself? Perhaps something happened long ago that feels unresolved and seems to keep you feeling stuck. You might have had a recent upsetting experience, such as a bereavement, work stress, a health scare or you are having relationship problems and need someone impartial to talk to.  

More info

If you would like to know more, please take a look at how I work specifically with individuals, couples and infertility. You may want to read more about me, my experience and training. If you would like to contact me to arrange a consultation, please take a look at my contact page.