I have 20 years’ experience working in supportive roles in NHS clinical settings, higher education and community settings, with adults, young people and children with disabilities (learning disabilities, sensory disabilities, mobility disabilities, medical conditions, autism and mental health conditions). I have also worked in end of life care.

My first degree was in Art. I have a BA, upper class honours in Fine Art Painting. It was in this training that I became interested using art experientially as form of therapy as a way to express and communicate emotions and life stories. Throughout my studies I worked part time in supportive roles with vulnerable adults and children. After I graduated it was clear to me that I wanted to train as a therapist. I continued working in supportive roles with people with different backgrounds and abilities, before training as a counsellor. This experience has been extremely valuable and meaningful to me as a counsellor.

I also have 7 years’ experience working with students (including mature students) throughout their student life cycle as a Specialist Mental Health Mentor and a Specialist Autism Mentor in Higher Education. Many students I supported also had neurodiversity’s, such as ADHD and dyslexia. I also worked for many years as a Disability Advisor in a few London Universities.