Couples counselling and relationship therapy

Couples counselling for Haywards Heath, Cuckfield, Burgess Hill, Crawley, Horsham, Lewes, Brighton, East Grinstead, Hove and Sussex areas. I also provide counselling remotely via Zoom regardless of your geographical location.

Why couples counselling / relationship therapy?

Most people agree that their relationships are incredibly meaningful to them. It is where we find support, closeness, friendship and love. When there are issues within the couple relationship that are difficult to resolve, it can certainly feel stressful. Perhaps there are differences in parenting or how you each grieve, or there has been an affair, maybe sex has stopped or something else has taken priority over your relationship. Deep down most couples are looking for more connection and understanding from each other. But more than this they want their relationship to change for the better and are unsure how to go about this themselves. As an experienced relationship counsellor I can help you work through these issues to create lasting change.

Couples counselling and relationship therapy specialism

The approach to successful relationship counselling is different than individual counselling, which is why the experience and the training of the therapist in this specialist area is an important consideration when choosing a couple’s counsellor. Working with couples is a significant focus of my practice and specialism. I have completed several respected specialist clinical training to specifically work with couples and relationships. I continue to expand my clinical knowledge and training in the most effective practices in working with couples.

What happens first in couples counselling?

In the full couple consultation, you will experience what it will be like working with me, which is important as you need to choose the right counsellor for you, as couples counselling is a big commitment. After the couple consultation, if you both feel ready to commit to the work we then meet individually before meeting again as a couple to start the work of couples counselling. The individual sessions are invaluable to the work of couples counselling.

How I work as a couples counsellor

During couples counselling I work with you to increase your understanding and insight. I will help you look at the problem you are bringing from multiple perspectives. With support you will start to uncover the difficulties or patterns that are holding you back. By gaining a better understanding of yourself, each other and your relational patterns you will have more clarity to make better choices. The therapy is most effective when both partners are willing to apply this new knowledge by breaking the cycle of unhelpful patterns to create a stronger and a more meaningful relationship.

I will be interested in your family background, as this helps us to uncover and understand patterns from the past that may be keeping you stuck. However, my main focus is how you relate to each other in the room and I will support you to bring your feelings, thoughts and behaviours more into your awareness. This is so you can develop different perspectives and start to make positive changes in your relationship.

What you may want to think about before couples counselling

It is helpful if you come to therapy having clarity on your relationship goals and how you want to be in your relationship. I have the tools and experience in helping you reach your couple goal, but this works best when you both take responsibility to work towards changing patterns between you. I see couples at all stages of a relationship, whether couples are strengthening their relationship, having conflict or are contemplating separation.

Areas of my experience and expertise as a couples counsellor

These are some of the main issues I have helped couples work through;

  • Affairs and infidelity
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Different parental styles
  • Infertility and support through fertility treatment
  • Wider family conflict
  • Bereavement and loss
  • Lack of trust
  • Differences in desire and intimacy
  • Life transitions
  • Impact of illness, disability or health
  • Differences that cannot be reconciled easily

I will help you understand each other better, keep you on track and encourage you both to address the difficulties you face in the room. I will also give you the skills and tools necessary to create a more fulfilling relationship.

If you would like to know more then please contact me to schedule a brief free telephone consultation.

I don’t work with couples where domestic abuse is ongoing, please see Relate for more details, or Choose 2 Change.

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