Infertility Counselling

Infertility is a specialist field of counselling and requires a certain level of training and experience. I have many years of experience and clinical training in bereavement and I have completed a foundation in working with clients with infertility, awarded by British Infertility Counselling Association (BICA) for counsellors specialising in infertility in private practice. I am a member of BICA and am registered with BICA as working towards BICA accreditation. BICA are recognised by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) and the British Fertility Society (BFS) in the UK.

I am qualified to work with couples and individuals and work from my private practice in Cuckfield, Sussex.

Deciding to see an experienced and qualified counsellor who understands the difficulties of infertility can help you feel supported through what can be a distressing and exhausting experience.

The counselling I provide is a warm, gentle and supportive space where you can say exactly how you feel and what you think without judgement. When you work with me my aim is for you to feel safe so you can be completely yourself.


Infertility can feel very distressing and can be an isolating journey. It is normal to experience a wide range of feelings when having fertility issues such as anxiety, envy, anger, sadness as well as hope and desire. You may find yourself feeling lonely or disconnected amongst friends, colleagues and family as you navigate fertility treatment and loss. Fertility treatment can take its toll on you emotionally. If you are going through fertility treatment as a couple, fertility treatment can also add stress in your relationship and impact on intimacy.

Sadly, sometimes fertility treatment doesn’t always lead to your hopes and dreams and the loss can feel devastating. This can make the future seem uncertain and you may feel anxious and lost.

I have specialised in working with individuals and couples who need counselling support through their own personal journey, whether that is before, during or after fertility treatment.

Baby loss and miscarriage

Baby loss and miscarriage can be heart breaking and a deeply personal experience. I work with bereaved parents individually or as a couple who have experienced baby loss at any stage of their pregnancy. I give individuals and couples a supportive and emphatic space to be able to tell their story and put into words what their loss meant to them.

Woman who experience miscarriage, or termination for medical reasons can feel anxious in future pregnancies and may find counselling to be supportive during what can be an anxious time.

Childless-not-by-choice or circumstance

I also work with individuals and couples who are childless by circumstance, or childless-not-by-choice, this can be a painful loss that isn’t always seen and acknowledged – an invisible grief. People may be childless by circumstance because of health reasons, or because one partner does not want children, a person’s age, infertility, or you haven’t met the right person for you. Becoming a parent may be more difficult for you to achieve as you may need to rely on surrogacy, sperm or egg donation for medical or social reasons.